Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Communication, or lack there of, is what almost gave Husband a heart attack tonight. He was on the phone when I went to pick up his mom from work, but apparently didn't hear me tell him I had Moe with me. Two minutes after I left, I got a frantic phone call asking if I had Moe. I could hear the relief in his voice when I reassured him she was with me. I'm not sure why, but something told me to keep my phone up front in case he called for that very reason. Net time, I'll make sure he hears me before I leave with one of the girls.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

One neighbor took our two girls pumpkin picking one Saturday. Then, her husband left for the store. A while later, she called me in a panic from the pumpkin patch. Her son (who is 8) was on the phone, crying. Husband had left for the store and left their son alone in the house! (he thought his wife had taken him pumpking picking too). I ran over and got the poor crying boy. I'm worried that we'll someday do the same thing.