Friday, October 05, 2007

Sign Me Up

I am the type of person you look for when you need a extra hand. I have this tendency to volunteer for everything. EVERYTHING.

Case and point, I'm active in my local MOMS Club. I already do their monthly newsletter, so when they needed a new activities coordinator, guess who raised their hand. Yup.

Last week at the open house at the girls school, guess who not only volunteered to be a room mother, but also to be on their playground fund raising committee, home school committee (PTO), development committee AND marketing committee. Yup. I did. I think however, that I may just do two of them as it's probably too much. They'll probably get sick of me. I also try to do most of the fund raising they send home as I know just how important it is to the school. Even though my yearly contract is $400, I usually surpass that.

And people know I'm a sucker for helping out. The girls soccer organization is undergoing alot of changes and will be in need of an entire new board come December. Einey's coach asks his wife if she knows anyone who would be interested and without hesitation she says "I know Whirlwind would probably help out some way". So far, I've been able to bite my tongue and not jump right onto their board.

On the town level, I have been involved for the last few years with a group that is trying to build a "Boundless Playground" - a playground geared for handicapped children where they can play side by side with all kids. And finally, all the hard work is coming to an end. They had the ground breaking last month and construction should begin any time now. My local MOMS Club is even going to be hosting a walk-a-thon to raise more money for the project. And I'm at a loss to whether I should help out or not. It was an idea I suggested and I should help out, but I hate asking my friends and family to donate to yet another cause I'd like to help.

After all, they have already generously donated to our annual family project - the American Heart Association walk. And for some reason, one I am only going to admit to you guys here, I just am not into it like I have been in previous years. Sure I'm raising money and yeah I'll walk the whole 5+ miles, but I just am not pushing myself to ask for donations.

I think I may just be burnt out.

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