Thursday, October 04, 2007

Toys, Toys, Toys

Moe just celebrated her third birthday last weekend with a small party with friends. I didn't obsessively check the toys point of origin or give them another thought. But maybe I should have. I came across this link and my fist thought is not again. We have/had? some of those Baby Einstein blocks. They may be long gone by now, I haven't seen them in awhile and have slowly bee weeding out the baby toys.

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Donetta said...

Hello, Thank you for your visit and comment.
I think home made toys should make a come back. Remember the things of youth or perhaps your mothers youth (depending on your age :) I think it would be nice to have less commercialism in the whole process of raising our kids.

Anonymous said...

do you mean like clothes pin ponies and fences. pans and spoon drums, clothes basket hats and blanket capes?