Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photo Hunt Saturday - Practical

I was having a hard time trying to come up with the "perfect" picture for this week's hunt. But this morning, it sort of just appeared. What can be more practical than a pair of scissors. There are many types of scissors out there, made to cut a variety of things. The scissors I have are kid scissors.

Tune in later for how this post came to be and the practical uses for kid scissors.

For more practical pictures, click here.


LadyBanana said...

Yep, very practical and useful!

The kind of things we rarely think about but such a simple clever invention..

Carver said...

Good idea for practical. So many fun things to do with scissors with children too. Made me think of icicles cut from construction paper.

Katney said...

Do you ever wonder who figured out how to make them work? they have to be so much more practical than what came before.

gwapasila said...

thanks for the comment..and I tried to hide all my scissors away from my wild kids because they've already cut my curtains, each other hairs, electrical wires, my report papers and even tried to gave the dog a new haircut.

Have a great day ahead.

ipanema said...

that is just so practical! good idea! :)

Enjoy the rest of Sunday! :)

Mama Bear June said...

Scissors are practical. They come in very handy, but should not be used by children cutting their own hair! ;-)
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Andrée said...

I'm sorry I missed you last week! But how practical they are! And nicer than my beat up ugly scissors!