Monday, October 29, 2007

Pre - Halloween

Growing up, I remember Halloween being a one night affair.

This year, we started with a Halloween Party thrown by my father-in-law's work. There was a haunted house, pumpkin painting (because we now have a patch of 9 painted pumpkins - one more due on Wednesday - and three carved) and snacks. Tonight, we attended their school's Halloween party. It started with pumpkin painting and make out own treat bags. Then we listened to the principal read a story and the kids paraded around the gym. And then, then it was time for the fun.

The fun being the trunk or treat. Trunk of treat was a new experience for us, although I had heard of it in the past. About 25 parents decorated the back of their car/truck/vans and lined them in two rows. The kids then proceeded to trick or treat at each vehicle. The kids had a blast - seeing that it was all their friends and it was safe since there were no moving vehicles to worry about. Oh and since we haven't had the time change yet, it was still light out. Moe, oh Moe got it all figured out. She realized once we were done and standing around the back of the van, she could walk up to the vehicles next to ours and get more candy. And then the next one and the next one, until we realized what she was doing and brought her back. But then, once we weren't paying attention, she could do it again. Didn't she do this last year? Maybe it's because she has yet to develop a conscience?

Tomorrow night we have a night off and then Wednesday is the big day. It includes two - yes TWO - separate school Halloween parties with trick or treating through the classrooms (because they didn't get enough candy already) and then the real deal at night.

The candy, oh the candy. I have enough candy to give an army cavities. I even went through and tossed ALL the candy in their candy box (stuff sitting in there from Christmas and beyond) to make way for new candy. The box is now already filled without the big night complete. And this box is anything but small. The good thing is, it all gets combined before they can lay claim to certain types of candy. Now I am just sure I'll hear "can I have candy" a million times a day.

And if that wasn't enough, we got Spooked tonight. Spooked is when a friend leaves a bag of candy on your doorstep, rings the bell and then runs. I'm pretty sure I know who it is but now have to find time to "spook" three other people. It should be easy enough with the mountain of candy we got!

Oh and the pumpkins, I have to say, Husband managed to pull off the Pokemon pumpkins the girls asked for. Pictures tomorrow as I am too tired to post them tonight.


creative-type dad said...

Pokemon pumpkins - fancy!

rebelmom said...


We got spooked too - was it you guys ???